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InSituTec - Precision In-Process Solutions

About Us

InSituTec designs and manufacturers nanometer-resolution custom piezoelectric motion stages and dimensional measurement tools. We offer high-performance piezoelectric precision stage products for OEM companies as well as stand-alone custom tools and services for researchers and industry end users.

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Customer Commitment

Our customers are focused in nano-scale measurement and manufacturing processes and continually pushing their process boundaries.

We are committed to creating and supplying the industry's finest instruments to increase your accuracy, resolution, and dynamic performance by providing the highest quality craftsmanship in every piezoelectric stage and metrology product that leaves our factory floor.

Microsurf 3D

Piezoelectric Stages and Digital Controllers

InSituTec's piezoelectric stages are designed to provide extremely precise and robust performance that is insensitive to temperature. 

InSituTec's core strength is in not only in providing off-the-shelf stages but also in designing custom stages to meet the challenging demands for OEMs and machine builders. InSituTec is able to rapidly deliver custom stage designs at competitive prices.
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Microsurf 3D

Metrology Probes and Services

InSituTec leverages its advanced flexure-based piezoelectric stage technology and over a decade of research in standing wave measurement to deliver nanometer resolution metrology through its MicroSurf gauge head and MicroTouch sensor. InSituTec's metrology probe systems enable nanometer profilometry including 3D surface finish of complex sidewalls.

InSituTec develops OEM metrology devices or performs in-house metrology services.
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Picometer Resolution

Our piezo driven positioning stages use custom capacitance sensors with < 10 picometer resolution, < 50 picometer controlled steps and precision better than 1 part in 107.
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